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Humble Beginnings

Billy Wease graduated from UNC’s Pharmacy School in 1989 with the goal of helping people get well. He went to work at a big box chain pharmacy and quickly found that helping people get well wasn’t part of the job.

Billy had no time to talk with his customers about their lives and health. He had no opportunities to make recommendations or suggestions that may have improved their quality of life. He knew something had to change.

In 1991, Billy went out on his own and opened the first Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy in Gastonia. He quickly endeared himself to his customers with hard work, dedication, and commitment to knowing his customers and their concerns.

Different By Design

At a time when big box chain pharmacies were cutting costs and maximizing their number of prescriptions filled no matter the cost, Billy took a decidedly different approach.

He prioritized the customer in every way, always going to the extra mile to provide the best customer service. He made sure customers got in and out efficiently, came in early and stayed late, made deliveries, and more.

Most of all, he really got to know his customers. He helped people with ailments, issues, and health problems with his knowledge of natural health and wellness, supplements, and compounding.

The word spread like wildfire and the customers continued to come in. The combination of customer service and willingness to go above and beyond has created a loyal customer base who wouldn’t fill their prescriptions or buy their supplements anywhere else.


Before long, the need for a Prescriptions Plus type of pharmacy in other areas became too great to ignore.

Billy enlisted the help of his pharmacy school buddies, David Lovelace and Shane Barnes to open two new stores in the early 2000s.

David operates the Prescriptions Plus Pharmacy in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, while Shane heads up the operation in Gaffney, South Carolina.

They have both taken the original Prescriptions Plus principles and applied them to their locations. This dedication to customers and maintaining the highest level of service has resulted in loyal customer bases at these stores as well.

A Bright Future

The future is limitless for Prescriptions Plus. Billy’s passion for helping everyone he meets obtain optimal health fuels the growth and mission of all three Prescriptions Plus Pharmacies.

We aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Does all this sound like a breath of fresh air to you? Would you like to experience firsthand the difference that quality customer service and genuine care for a customer makes?

Click the button below to contact us and we will be happy to help you become the next satisfied customer at Prescriptions Plus!